Agricultural Problems and Recommendations

Agricultural Problems and Recommendations

1- Excessive tillage and increase in diesel costs:

Unfortunately, because the farmer does excessive tillage in most areas, fuel and labor costs increase as a result of tractor use. Continuous tillage will also disrupt the structure of the soil, cause the loss of organic matter and spoil the soil flora.

Solution: Sowing stubble in field agriculture, cultivating by-products that will not harm the trees in surface cultivation and in the garden floor, so that both labor and fuel will be saved, weed and erosion will be fought, and by-products can be harvested outside the harvest period (winter period Spinach, arugula). , sage, mint, medicinal aromatic herbs, etc.). In the studies carried out in citrus orchards, it was determined that the yield was better in the uncultivated orchards. Blasting to be made between rows every five years is sufficient for fruit growing.


2- Salma irrigation, ordinary irrigation problems:

Although modern irrigation methods are used in most areas where irrigated agriculture is carried out, although our Ministry gives support in this regard, there are still areas where flood irrigation is used. This causes the soil to run off and waste water. The only solution is to use modern irrigation systems. Modern irrigation method means that water is not wasted, fertilizers are not used excessively, soil fertility is not lost, water erosion is prevented, and salinity is not formed. Modern irrigation techniques prevent our soil from becoming desert. Especially in our country, water resources are limited. This consciousness should be instilled in the farmer. If we do not want to lose our land, we should stay away from wild irrigation, if we do not follow this rule, we will brood like the farmer in the photo.


3- Importance of Soil Analysis and Correct fertilization and fertigation:

Soil analysis is essential for production. Fertilizing without a soil analysis is like a patient using drugs without a blood test. Especially the exaggerated use of fertilizer (50 kg of compound fertilizer per acre) is like eating 1 tray of baklava. One-way fertilization (continuous use of sugar fertilizer) is like eating dry bread throughout a person’s life. A high amount of fertilizer is not acceptable, it is exaggerated, it is harmful to the pocket, the country’s economy and the soil, it is poison. The farmer always complains about the excess of input costs, the biggest reason for this is production unconsciousness. For example, if the farmer has 50 acres of land and he needs to add 10 Kg of DAP per decare according to the soil analysis report, if he can meet the need of the soil with 500 Kg of fertilizer in total, but if he puts 50 Kg of DAP per acre, this will make a fertilizer amount of 2500 Kg for 50 decares. Look; how much the cost of input has risen!

Solution: The farmer should not only have soil analysis to get soil analysis support, but also should have the analysis done with the awareness of reducing the farmer’s cost, not poisoning his soil and increasing its productivity. This is through educating the farmer and teaching them. But teaching by telling is not enough for the farmer, the farmer must believe by seeing the result.

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